One way to entertain kids and not be bored in school or at their houses is by giving them something to do. And what way to do that while they are having fun is by coloring. This is a great recreation for children and not only for them but also teenagers and adults can also have fun and enjoy coloring. For children they will learn a lot with this activity on which color to apply or used, learn more on what they are coloring, learn to control their movements upon coloring.

Here is where my coloring book comes in. This is the modern and hi-tech way to color. Are you asking why? It is simple, before actual physical coloring books are used before those were bought at bookstores. Once finished coloring the said coloring book that’s it, it cannot be used again.

Unlike when using my coloring book, there are a lot of pictures or images to choose from that one will surely love to color. There are different type of vehicles to choose from those for land and air, fruits, things, balls, animals and many more. There are 24 colors that are available to choose from.

The advantage of using this is you can change the color or erase it if you used the wrong color by clicking the eraser and point which color should be erased. Unlike the actual on hand coloring books that before once you put the wrong color you cannot erase it and need to start over again.

Thanks to technology coloring is much more fun and easier. Here in my coloring book either you have to choice to color online or print it and color in an old fashion way by using actual colors. When choosing coloring online you also have a choice to have it as a remembrance by printing when you are done coloring your chosen picture.

What are you waiting for let the kids choose what to color and have fun. This is a great way to have bonding moments with kids especially to the parents. Create great and fun memories with you kids.