Color can do a lot, it can attract ones attention, can set your mood, and can do a statement and many more. Colors can say a lot even not using a word; the color can say it all. Color is an interesting thing to learn. One will wonder how from the three primary color can be produced more than 12 colors.

Combining colors to make another set of color is a fun thing to do especially when you have children around. Aside from having fun they can learn to differentiate colors. Isn’t it good to gain knowledge while having fun? Imagine kids mixing two colors and producing different color, they will feel accomplish and will surely feel great knowing they did it.

To make it easier for children to learn more about color and appreciate it using a color wheel will be a great help. With color wheel it will let children have the idea of the outcome of the color and when they want to apply or try mixing colors they will know that they did it right.

In color wheel it will show what will the result if two primary colors are mixed and it will give you the secondary colors. Another is when a primary and a secondary color is mixed it will provide you the tertiary colors. This will be a great help especially when kids starting to learn and differentiate colors.

For the adults who are teaching children about colors do some interesting activity so that they will enjoy learning colors like mixing liquid color solution or others ways that can gain their attention.