Coloring books are one of the things kids love to do in school or at home. A simple act that kids will surely enjoy and have a fun activity. Coloring not only can entertain a kid but can also learn while doing it. There are a lot of pictures or drawings that a kid can color. And each of kids will surely have its favorite one.

There are so many choices for kids for a coloring book. It can be an animal, an occasion or season, their favorite cartoon character, fairies, cars and many more. Surely for boys the top choices for them are those things that boys do or love to play with like cars may it be sport cars, truck or even a motorcycle. Boys also love to do some coloring activities with a theme of sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football and other physical sports. For girls they will surely love to color there favorite cartoon character such as princess character, fairies, dolls, teddy bears and other girly stuff. Both boys and girls will love to color Christmas, Halloween and other occasions that can put a smile on their face and remember what they did fun during that time.

Once kids started coloring they will surely feel that time stops and won’t bother how long they have been coloring. With this they can express what they feel and it can show their artistic side. Coloring is still a form of art.

If you want bonding with kids always remember to add some activity like coloring and always have coloring books at home.