One of the things that kids love to do not only in their spare time but also an activity in school is coloring books. Mostly we all know that once coloring book or coloring is said first thing comes in mind is this is just kids stuff and activity. Actually it is not. This can have a great effect to both children and adults life.

In coloring it can do a great impact in one life’s. It has different advantage to children and adult. If you think coloring is just a way to distract children well think again. There are so many reason why coloring is an important to be part of our activities.
Starting for children it teaches them how to control or grip. They need to learn how o hold and use the crayons to be able to color. Some starts the children to hold crayons instead of pencil maybe because colors can attract easily the children and looks colorful instead of gray or black. Once they control their grip it easy for them to write. Another good thing about coloring is it helps sharpen coordination of the eye and hand.

For both children and adult coloring can relax one’s mind. One can also express what they feel by coloring. Just do what you feel while coloring and you will surely feel light. It your choice if you want to color it in a different way or the right color to be put on.

This simple activity has many advantages to all of us not only for children but also for adults. A good way to have quality time and having fun.