Red, blue, white, yellow, green, orange, brown are just some of the colors that we can see around. Which of the colors is your favorite one? They sometimes say that your favorite color represent you or your personality. Each color represents something or a meaning to it.

Let us understand and know what each color represents or means.

Red shows extreme, emotional and intense color. This is used express love, anger and war. It attracts the eyes easily. With this color you can be noticed easily. A simple trivia about the color red that infants can distinguish this color

White presents pureness, innocence, cleanliness and sterility. Brides used this color and same goes to doctors, nurses and other medical professions. This color is also in demand when decorating and also in fashion shows because it can goes with anything and everything. The disadvantage of this is dirt can easily be notice and difficult to clean.

Green is a relaxing color on the eye because of its calming and refreshing effect. It symbolizes nature just like the color of the leaves at other plants.

Brown represents color of earth and its nature and also sometimes wistful and sad.

Yellow say this color is optimistic. It attracts attention and eye catching.

Blue is the most popular among the colors. Just like the color of the ocean and sky it has a peaceful effect to the person.

This is just some of the meaning of the colors that can represent you or your mood. Which one suits you?